Way of the Medicine Woman

Walk in Wisdom, Beauty & Connection to All Things.

The Medicine Woman is the embodiment of the natural world. She embraces the cycles and tides of nature and the universal forces that connects her to all things. She knows that the elementals, the animals and plant kingdoms are her allies and equals. She learns from the small details and subtle whispers of the forest. She is acutely tuned in to her environment and feels the heart pangs of the Earth pull when we live in discordance to her natural rhythm.

She is a way finder, a healer, a child of the earth. She is a stewardess and caretaker to the temples of Creation. She is a lightworker and beacon of hope as her visionary skills empower the light in some of the darkest places. She has a foothold in 2 worlds, that of the physical and the spiritual realms that bridges her connection to the Earth and to the Divine Cosmos.

In this Sacred Feminine Workshop you will:

  • Dive deep into utilizing the Shamanic Drum Journey as a tool for greater insight, and intuitive connection.
  • Meet your Spiritual Allies and allow them to teach you the importance of connecting to Nature, Spirit, and Higher Self.
  • Connect to the Elements through the eyes of the Medicine Woman.
  • Expand your Intuition and connect to the power of the Subconscious Mind.
  • Discover, and gain experience and insight to honing in your spiritual gifts.
  • Deepen your relationship to Mother Earth's abundant and overflowing presence.
  • Allow the Spirit of the Medicine Woman to share her stories of Wisdom & Creation.
  • Learn how to use the Elements for Healing, and Self Care.
  • Integrate the Power of the Directions to Navigate through Life with Clarity, Awareness and Empowered Guidance.

The Format of this class includes:

  • 4 Self Study Sessions to share Wisdom Teachings of how to integrate the energies of the Medicine Woman, Nature Philosophies, and to Fine Tune your Inner Compass.
  • Pre-Recorded Elemental Journeys to start the program immediately and at your own pace.

Women and Men may benefit from connecting to the Spirit of the Medicine Woman.

Everyone is Welcome!

Your Instructor

Donna Brickwood
Donna Brickwood

Donna Brickwood has been professionally training in the Healing Arts since 2000. Presently, she is the owner and visionary of Sacred Space Healing Arts in Beacon, NY. She has been intuitively working with individuals from a holistic perspective bridging their physical bodies, emotional and energetic states.

For her, The biggest shift happened when...

she decided to give up all of her possessions to seek a more natural simplified way of life. She decided to wander and live more nomadically in a tent in the woods, or car. She traveled all over the United States in a spiritual quest. Studying with a wilderness survival & awareness school that was deeply enriched in Native & Nature Philosophy, Healing & Ceremony. The teachings embodied the Way of the Warrior, The Healer, she found great purpose behind sharing this lineage of teaching. To be a bridge and guide for bringing people back to Nature, so that they can connect to their own vision and share it with the world.

Donna brings almost 2 decades of experience as a healer and mentor in these disciplines. She passionately shares these teachings to her clients through personal coaching and programs, creating powerful transformational shifts in emotional, heart, spirit and nature connection.

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